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Eric Dana Jensen



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Eric Dana Jensen has had a general practice of law for over 35 years since graduating from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. My firm differs from others in several ways.
First, unlike with larger firms, my clients are not just another name and number. My secretary and I will know and care about you. Your file will not be shuffled from lawyer to lawyer to secretary to secretary, none of whom know you well or care very much. This is a hands-on place providing easy access to your attorney.

Second, we pay close attention to the individual client’s needs and circumstances. There is not a single “right” answer to most legal problems. The answer depends on the facts, your goals, risks you are willing to take, finances, other legal and personal problems, individual tastes, etc. I don’t tell you what to do. I get to know you. I lay out various strategies and choices and discuss the risks and rewards. Then I let you decide the route to take.

Third, I listen. Communication is the key to an effective relationship. Clients are part of the team. I know the law, but I start out deeply ignorant of the facts. (Judges are even more ignorant than lawyers and clients, but I’ll save that for a later discussion.) You are the expert on the facts. I depend on you for full information. I depend on you to ask questions, especially if you think I am missing an important point. I can’t help you if you don’t help me. I welcome suggestions. Some suggestions aren’t so good (and I’m not afraid to tell you when you’re way off base). However, I have won many a case because I ran hard with a great idea that my client gave me. I will ask you questions until I get the truth. I work best with the truth and sometimes clients have a difficult time expressing the truth for a variety of reasons. If you don’t like my questioning, please feel free to walk out the door, I am not offended, but beware, my questions only try your version of the truth, which the opposing party will attempt to impeach. That’s why we ask the hard questions.

Fourth, because of my diverse experiences, I work well with all kinds of people. I grew up in a hard-nosed city and graduated from a top-level school where everyone (100%) went to college. My father was a lawyer and a judge. He put me to the test every single day. I have worked in many capacities during my career to get to know other people and how they survive in our diverse economy. I can get my hands dirty. I like ordinary working folks. I live in Tyler, Smith County, TX because I love the country, with my farm just down the road. Some of my best friends are horses. I am now equally comfortable in big cities and small towns. Attending one of the best law schools in the Texas has taught me how to deal effectively with professionals and the top levels of society, but I still treat “regular people” with the respect they deserve.

Nuts-and-bolts experience and a strong intellectual background allow me to see how you view your case and how other people view your case. Understanding the different viewpoints helps me anticipate problems and achieve good results under often difficult circumstances.